FPV is not a crime!

We are the pilots. We are floating aboard flying robots. We build, fail, repair, learn, and succeed. We are not transporting drugs. We are not shooting down aeroplanes or closing airports! We are not spying on your families. We're not there to violate your privacy.

Video source: Stroke of Genius @ www.sogproductions.com

Just Fly

Build, explore, experiment and learn. Enjoy being there and, for a minute, leave the world behind. Flying FPV is about passion!

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Public FPV Forum

The public FPVTOWN forum is now available to everyone who is interested in getting in touch with our community. What makes it deferent and why would you bother??? 

We are a small community, free from sponsorships and open to recently every point of view... We want you, to be a part of this new platform, to bring a life into it, to keep it real and to keep it helpful for everyone who needs it.


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