Flying Drones and RC in Bracknell - FPV Season 2021

Flying Drones and RC in Bracknell - FPV Season 2021

It is getting warmer out there and the days are getting longer... Oh! What are we going to do about this 😈 ?!

What did we use to do in Bracknell RC Comunity?

Good old times for the Bracknell RC Comunity 

Do you remember, going to the field at Peakok Meadow public park in Bracknell with your new, shiny RC plane? Just having this childish - happy moment when it flew? This ware the good old times when we could do it without stressing and worrying about the sanctions from the council. I personally loved to go out flying, showing my children computer games are not the only way to spend their time. We use to meet with friends, talk and laugh - flown the planes and really enjoyed the time outside.

It is especially important to me so you understand my frustration especially if you are not an RC or a drone pilot. It is like someone have told you, you can't take your dog on the walk or a bike for a ride or play football in the public park cause it is dangerous! Drones and RC planes are not dangerous nor causing a threat to your privacy... If this is what you are afraid of, why aren't you protesting about children having access to smartphones that is a far greater threat to anyone's privacy? Oh, this is only the media and so-called popular opinion my friend.


Flying RC Planes and FPV Drones in Bracknell

The situation with Bracknell Forest Council Flying Drones an RC in Bracknell - Permissions

As for today, flying drones or model aircraft from public land in Bracknell is supposed to be only allowed under permission given by the Council.

Our community members have presented the documentation required including the risk assessments, insurance certifications, competency certifications and registration documentation but the Bracknell Forest Park Rangers said NO!

We have proposed help spreading awareness about the RC law and safety. We have offered payment for access to the fields we have been using for years... Regardless of all the effort and fact that Bracknell Forest Councill uses the drone footage and the fact that Flying Remote Control aeroplanes do count as recognised sport in the UK answer was still NO!

I would like to stop for a minute and think about this... how unfair, is it?!
Riding a bike is allowed without insurance on the public roads, despite how many people die every day from it !!!
To fly a toy in the park? it's too dangerous, is it?!

As for the time being the only location where this activity is allowed around Bracknell is the Priory Fields park. Please keep in mind, it is only allowed within a few hours a week.

More about Flying RC at Priory Fields in Bracknell

New Laws and RC Drone Regulations

New Laws and RC Drone Regulations in the UK for this year 2021

At the end of the December 2020 the drone regulations have changed introducing double ID's necessary to have for a flyer and operator of a drones or model.

I have a full article about this available here

It is worth to mention that as far as regulations and law are concerned  there is no difference between in a drone or a model aircraft. So remember, you have to register yourself as a drone operator regardless  the type of your flyer. You also have to pass the safety exam to obtain flyer ID.


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Hoppy Flying!

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