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Update: 25/02/2021

Bracknell Drones and RC models - community

Members of the fpvtown community have been working a long time for this breakthrough, working out the agreement between the community and the administration of the parks in Bracknell. 

What's in the agreement.

We have reached the consensus with authorities (Bracknell Forest Park Rangers ), based on which RC and FPV community is formally allowed to use the specified public park on Sundays 12.00 - 4 pm

Address: Priory Fields, Warfield, Bracknell RG42 6AA.Flying drones - Priory Fields - Bracknell


*For flying RC, please use the yellow zone marked on the map ->


What does the community stand for?

We are not a club.  We are a community. There is no fee or subscription nor payment of any type required to be or become a member of our community.
Members of our community are friendly people who will be more than happy to answer your question.
We are promoting a positive image of our hobby.



Anyone who would like to use the site MUST:

  1. Follow the drone code
  2. Work towards maintaining a positive image of our hobby, educating people about safety rules, laws and regulations.
  3. Stand for the rules and help to make sure they are being followed to protect our hobby.
  4. Be friendly towards community members and all the people that might show concern or have any questions about us flying in a park.
  5. No taking pictures of people nor property is allowed. We do respect everyone's privacy!

Contacting our community.

We are available on the Facebook "FPV/RC Bracknell" group.

You can contact the website administrator here if you have any questions.

We are supported by:



It is very important to know what is your opinion.

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