RC Model Flying in Bracknell

Grzegorz Swiniarski , January 19 2021, 16:18
Grzegorz Swiniarski 4
January 19 2021, 16:18 #1
This has been a hot topic among a local community for quite some time. The Bracknell Forest has decided to force all RC and FPV pilots to apply for permission to fly in public parks.
In this same time, the Council has given the park wardens the authority to approve or reject applications from recreational RC and FPV pilots.
Those applications have been rejected without giving any reason until community negotiations with the authorities brought a small success in this manner.
Please read more about the agreement:
This topic is for everyone who would like to give a public feedback and discuss any of it with othe community members.
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Grzegorz Swiniarski 4
March 16 2021, 13:43 #16
Changes are about to happen, NOP... not good for us - flyers.
We are being banned from flying at any location in Bracknell. As the Bracknell Fores Park Rangers stated ( They are responsible for decision making in this matter ) it's because of the safety concerns.
None of us in the community agrees with it but the bottom line is - You need the fields if you want to fly.
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