RC Model Flying in Bracknell

Guest , January 28 2021, 15:40
January 28 2021, 15:40 #8
We are looking for a privately owned field that is large enough and can be used to FLY RC (Drones/RC Airplanes) If anyone knows about the location or has a contact to a person who ownes the suitable location, please contact us...
Grzegorz Swiniarski 4
March 16 2021, 13:39 #13
Changes are about to happen, NOP... not good for us - flyers.
We are being banned from flying at any location in Bracknell. As the Bracknell Fores Park Rangers stated ( They are responsible for decision making in this matter ) it's because of the safety concerns.
None of us in the community agrees with it but the bottom line is - You need the fields if you want to fly...
Administrator (EvilDronePilot)
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