The questions we looking to answer with our feedback are:
1. Have you seen the model airplanes and recreational toy drones flying? What was your impression?
2. Do you really feel like those opposing a threat to the safety of violating the privacy?
3. Do you feel like there should be designated area in Bracknell where those models can be flown?
4. Are you a RC pilot? What does this hobby mean to you?

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Drones over Bracknell - Feedback

Drones over Bracknell - Feedback

We are the pilots. We are floating aboard flying robots. We build, fail, repair, learn, and succeed. We are not transporting drugs. We are not shooting down aeroplanes or closing airports! We are not spying on your families. We're not there to violate your privacy.

Walking a dog in the park is by far more dangerous then what we do. Riding a pushbike on a public road is normal to most of us and allowed without any training, Licence or insurance, yet we are forced by law to have all that to fly a toy.

We have recently witnessed society purging against drones. It almost becomes a habit to throw some kind of unconfirmed news out there about a reckless drone or RC pilot threatening the lives of thousands with his toy. Reports coming from around the world almost sounded like a UFO hunting, and same as that news the threat from the drones have never been really confirmed by any real event.

We often hear our regulators, guardians of our safety saying with confidence. “Those drones can be used for the act of terrorism, they can be dangerous and this is good enough reason to wipe them from existence” I honestly go crazy each time I hear it. No doubt, If you recklessly put a face into the spinning propeller of the RC model you will get…. Well, you get the image. But let’s not forget common sense. I would rather see the terrorist attacking me with a toy drone than anything else! At the end of the day, it wouldn’t happen anyway as it is not resource-efficient to use drones for evil anyway. Think about how much you need to spend to get it, how much you have to learn to use it and how little you can damage (NOTHING) Bad guys will not use toys ….. We are safe!

What drones are being used for? Fun! but also.... search and rescue missions, they are used by police to monitor the traffic, they been used by fireman for reconnaissance and even to deliver blood go to the places where no medical aircraft or helicopter could get to.

The community is a bunch of individuals divided by the differences but joined but shared passion.

Our community needs your help.

Bracknell Forest has only received several complaints about remote control pilots over the last few years. Unfortunately from the perspective, those are only feedbacks.

In order to carry on doing what is one of the most important things for us, we need your support, your help to change this.


It is very important to know what is your opinion.

Please spare a moment to leave a short feedback

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