FlySky / Underground FPV - Dark Knight or NV14 Nirvana

FlySky / Underground FPV - Dark Knight or NV14 Nirvana

Nirvana has been on the scene for a long time, but even today it offers the features that competition can't bring to the table. It is a solid radio that unfortunately had some trouble when it was just about to get on the market.

Let's have a look at the background.

Nirvana has been designed by the Underground FPV in the cooperation with FlySky. A partnership that had the potential to go so, so well, have broken down at some point. The reasons are not clear to anyone these days. Rumours are, that the UGFPV sold the design to a FlySky, or the FS has released their, Flysky branded product to the market with UGFPV logo on the back. None of this two companies ever confirmed or denied any of the rumors so the reason we have two versions of this radion out there is a bit of the mystery.

The story doesn't end here. UGFPV have decided to stop the support for the FlySky version, claiming it is a knock-off. They have released it later for an additional payment of about $30. It is not hard to understand that those who suffered from this combat was us, the users, who purchased the radio without knowing any of that and expecting the support which they would never receive.

Community taking over.

Due to the firmware problems and not having the support from the UGFPV users have got together. The community software started to get develop, appearing here and there on RC forums, to be later taken over by Flysky and released for free, available for both UGFPV and Flysky users.

Nirvana today.

The support for this awesome radio is now independent of the main Open TX repository and to be honest it went the long way. When this radio first ended up on the store shelves it was heavily criticised for being unfinished due to the lack of completed software. 

Today Nirvana has most of the functionalities you would expect from the OpenTX radio and one thing that even main branch of OpenTx doesn't yet develop - support for the touch screen ( Sorry Radiomaster TX16S and Jumper T18 users ) 

OpenTX is expected to give us a support for Nirvana in version 2.4 but this is yet to come.


  • Open source, OpenTX based firmware
  • Hall Sensor Gimbals
  • Colour Touch Screen Display
  • Equipped with a 32-bit M4 Core high-performance processor
  • Native Support for FlySky Protocol AFDHS2-A & "AFDHS3 compatible" Up to 14 channels
  • External Module Bay - (Crossfire and R9M Compatible)
  • Haptic feedback motor
  • Optional Bluetooth module
  • Plug and play with a standard USB cable into your MAC or PC for Sim use True trainer mode allowing you to link two Nirvana's together for full training systems (Cable included)
  • Includes 2 receivers as standard, one small single and one larger dual antenna receiver
  • Unique design.
  • Foldable omnidirectional antenna
  • Protective shell for "pack 'n go" protection of switches and gimbals (Included)
  • Operates on 18650 Li-ion batteries
  • USB charging (cable included)

Common problems:

One problem I found especially annoying is about the power system in this radio.  Nirvana runs on two 18650 Li-ion batteries connected in parallel. That means it can theoretically work on just one! Unfortunately, the internal voltage of the radio is reduced to a single-cell level. As the effect of this design, it often becomes very unstable when the battery voltage drops below around 3.5v. It is especially noticeable when using an external module, for example, crossfire. The only solution to this is to have backup batteries in your backpack or apply the power mod.

Radio is very muddy about the SD card. There were many reports among the community from people not being able to turn on the radio with a certain SD card in it... not like the SD card was faulty,  Nirvana just didn't like it.

Last but not least. You cannot flash firmware onto the receiver or external module from Nirvana. This functionality isn't there yet.

Links, Support and communities:

Free Open-Flysky firmware and update tool can be found here.

FB Nirvana Owners groups can be also very useful.

Open TX supported radios list is here.

Telemetry scripts for INAV and Betaflight are available as well.


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