Floureon Li-Po Batteries - Are those worth their price?

Floureon batteries are in my opinion, only usable on drones equipped with a small motor size 2205 / 2206 max or on small size RC planes or cars.







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Floureon Li-Po batteries - Review

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I have been using various Floureon Li-Po Batteries for over two years now and had over 19 of them on 5 different RC aircraft, Drones, and FPV wings. After all, they really stand out in one thing... Price. For someone with a limited budget like myself, those were quite attractive. Especially as a beginner I didn't feel like spending tons of money on something that I would likely destroy on the first flight was a good idea.

Floureon lipo batteries - fpvtown.com

My observations? Floureon Li-Po batteries are inconsistent in quality!

Inconsistent/high IR on one or multiple cells: In the multiple batteries the internal resistance of one cell was varying from the others. So in the effect of voltage drop on that sell would be significantly higher under the load.

High voltage drop under load: This has a lot to do with the low C rating of those batteries, as Floureon mainly offers 30C-45C Li-Po packs. This fact makes batteries hard to use on multi-rotors / drones as higher current draw causes the battery to sag below the minimum voltage on single or all cells of the pack.

Over-rated capacity: The batteries were often discharging far, far fewer cycles then rated on the label. In the case of the affected pieces, I have been only able to pool around 700/800mah out of 2200mah battery.

MODEL TESTED PROBLEMS How many were affected out of the tested lot

Floureon 4s 5000mah 35C

1 N/A N/A
Floureon 3s 2200mah 35C Packs. 2

High voltage drop under load



Inconsistent/high IR on one or multiple cells



Over-rated capacity


Floureon 4s 1500mah 45C

2 High voltage drop under load  100%

Floureon 4s 1300mah 40C

10 High voltage drop under load  100%
    Inconsistent/high IR on one or multiple cells 20%

Over-rated capacity

3s 1500mah 35C 4

High voltage drop under load 


Are those worth their price?

I have mixed feelings about this. Those days £12 for a battery that can be useless out of the box seems like wasting money and ruining the experience. There are semi-good Li-Po batteries out there that will give you an awesome flying experience without worrying about the mixed quality.

At the end of the day, it is only about your own decision, but I wouldn’t recommend investing in Floureon…

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