New Jumper T18 Pro!

New Jumper T18 Pro!

Some time ago Jumper has entered the market with several products. At that time not many people have been taking those seriously but shortly after that situation has changed drastically and Jumper T16s was born. Today Jumper produces products that are threatening their main competition FrSky. Yes, we thought this day will never come. The FrSky Taranis has been the king of the FPV drone and RC model transmitters for so long. By introducing T16 and T16s Jumper has become almost legendary for one reason. For many people, it is a better radio. Guess what, now Jumper is about to become even better with the new model that is about to hit the shops shelves soon.

Jumper T18

Missing features that we were hoping to get!

1. Internal battery charging...

Why oh why jumper!? These days it's a must-have and it is being offered by cheaper competitors.

2. Brand new jumper t18 pro radio doesn't come with touch screen!?

Jumper's answer to this is they don't want to include a more expensive screen in the gear when it's not supported by open TX yet... but keep in mind we are buying a radio for £150+ so that already counts as more expensive in my opinion and models that are a lot cheaper do offer this feature. I guess competition's approach is, let's give it to people so they have it when support comes...


What's New?

  • Larger front-facing speaker
  • Added flight mode buttons and two power buttons
  • Carbon Fibre faceplate
  • New 480x272 IPS ( ! Touch Screen will need to be added in a future as an upgrade !)
  • Better Wheel Button
  • JP5IN1 Multi-Protocol module - will now support 915mhz long-range receiver systems
    This one really makes a big difference. The New Jumper T18 Pro will come stock with the new JP5in1 multi-module protocol module. This new 5IN1 unit will continue to run all of the FrSky D8 & D16, Spectrum DSM2 & DSMX, FlySky, Hubsan, and the 50+ other 2.4ghz receivers. as well as potentially FrSky R9, and maybe at some point even Crossfire.

Availability Date – Jumper T18 Pro

The Jumper T18 is expected to hit the market Mid May 2020 


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