How to fix the Betaflight Configurator issue

Betaflight Configurator Issue - Nvidia Drivers Compatibility Problem 

Hi, Have you recently updated the Betaflight configuration to the version 10.7? Are you running Windows 10 64bit with a graphical card from Nvidia? Well, this might mean you are experiencing problems with the Betaflight Configurator running extremally slow or even crashing and not starting at all. No worries! you are not the only one, and this is how you might be able to fix it...

At some point, something went wrong between Nvidia and the BetaFlight... It turned up that the people running Windows 10 64bit version are having problems with those two colliding with each other. As the result, the Betaflight Configurator is bearly able to run. The good news, however, is that the fix is actually really simple.

How to fix the BF Configurator issue?

  1. Right-Click on the Betaflight shortcut that is  lying somewhere your desktop, and select "Properties"
  2. In the tab, "Shortcut" locate the line called "Target" this is the path to your application... Just add space followed by --disable-gpu
    You might have to play around with it in case, it doesn't work straight away. Just add or remove space between the tag and the path... And in the end, you should see something like this:

    disable gpu betaflight configurator issue
  3. Click "Apply" and it is all done!

OK! So what did just happen?

This extra bit at the end of the path to the application executable file is a so-called parameter. The parameter that, in this case, tels the application not to use a graphics processing unit (GPU) for the purposes of the betaflight.exe application. Simple? Good!

This issue has already been noticed by the developers and it is being addressed. The GitHub Issue ticket is available here if you would like to look deeper into it? 


Thank you all for reading, please don't forget to share this if you know someone else with this problem. 

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