Drone Law for Racing and Freestyle Drones in UK

Drone Law for Racing and Freestyle Drones in UK ( Simply )

To keep this topic relatively simple,  short and sweet, I am going to focus on the very specific type of pilots that are FPV Drone Racers and freestyle pilots.

If you are into this thing, you are,  most certainly flying in 5'' category 350g-800g  all up weight. Also, the racing drones are, in 90% of cases self-assembled DIY machines without new CAA classification marking. According to the Drone Code, this means that your aircraft class is assigned base on the total mass of the vehicle (including the mass of the battery) and you are operating under A3 operations... 

Here are the basic guidelines of what you need and what you can do with your racing drone!


What can you do and where can you fly?

You are responsible for each flight!

You must have:
Pass the safety/awareness exam to obtain CAA Flyer ID plus Register for Drone Operator ID

No flying above 120m / 400ft of the altitude measured from ground level.
No flying closer than 150m from urban/built-up areas or crowds of people regardless of the altitude.
No flying close to an airport 1km limit from outer zone + 5km if in line of the runway.
No flying within 50m proximity bubble from an uninvolved people or 80m horizontally if flying at high altitude.
No flying above people!
No flying beyond the line of side!

You can:
Flying FPV (First-Person View) is legal and allowed for members of FPVUK, BMFA etc. organisations under an exception published by CAA.
Details about ORS4 No.1294. You can find it here. the PDF document is available here.



This is obviously a very simple version of the regulation but I shall encourage you to give a proper read and try to understand those.

If you would like to dive a bit deeper you can also find more detail article on drone law and regulations

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